Microcode, the final frontier

While the title of this writing is somewhat reminiscent of the one used in the initial presentation Space Opera Star Trek, I must say that I am not writing about science fiction.

To get started, I think I can say that computer security is a big headache. It is a battle that is currently waged on different fronts, all with greater or lesser vulnerability, and we can be sure that all these fronts have a back door waiting to be found and exploited.


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Internet of things, intelligent objects and other fantasies

Since the term Internet of Things (IoT for friends) was coined in 2009 at the well-known P&G conference by Kevin Ashton [1] Has rolled a lot of ink (and paper) on what is and especially, what is not.

To go straight to the point, IoT is the conjunction and evolution of M2M technologies [2] and WSN [3],  seasoned with the benefits offered by TCP/IP and the Web. Essentially, an IoT device is an electronic device centered on a microprocessor (or microcontroller) with access to various sensors and/or actuators, and with communications facilities to the outside through the use of some means of access, either direct or indirect, to the Internet.

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